Design Consultation

Many people know that they want a new kitchen, or bathroom, or furniture of any sort, but they just have a vague idea of what it should look like and how it should function. This is where the collaboration between Darragh and Alicia serves their clients perfectly. Alicia’s fine design services form the basis for Darragh’s talents, achieving superb results.

Alicia Working

The process begins with on-site consultations that include discussions on budget, style, and function. Because of their instincts for context, Darragh and Alicia want to consider the setting for their custom installations or furniture pieces. Their architectural vision suggests designs that blend with the interior d├ęcor, whether contemporary or traditional. They may recommend an effect that echoes a pattern in the home or cottage, perhaps adding a diagonal inlay to the cupboard doors.

With full in-house design services, Thomas James Cabinetry can fulfill the needs of its clients in a highly personalized and attentive way. Their staff offers creative solutions and suggestions that encompass form, style, colour, and embellishment, always within the scope of the setting and ambience of the home or cottage.