Green Legacy

Consumer awareness of the toxicity inherent in many materials has grown exponentially over the years, along with an appreciation for the importance of creating healthy indoor environments. The stamp of ‘Genuine Authenticity’ is reflected in every aspect of the practices and techniques of Thomas James Cabinetry, including a strong commitment to responsible stewardship of the ecosystem.

Darragh and Alicia share the highest level of respect for the traditions of time, not only in their craftsmanship and design, but also in their choice of the resources. They use the solid woods and natural finishes that were employed by our forebears, before cheaper materials and new chemicals found a place in today’s construction practices. Environmental integrity is evidenced throughout their workplace and in all of their products.

Thomas James hand-made custom stain application

Wood-pressed materials have no place in the workshop of Thomas James Cabinetry. They select durable native woods, such as walnut and maple and, true to the spirit of sustainable sourcing, Darragh often seeks reclaimed salvaged materials, such as ecologically harvested trees (which have already fallen) or wood culled from demolitions. Many contemporary cupboards and countertops are constructed with an underlay of particleboard, containing glue that includes formaldehyde, one of the volatile organic compounds that can out-gas for many years into the atmosphere, accelerating health risks that range from asthma to cancer. The chemical build-up is worsened with the use of harmful finishes and paints.

At Thomas James, the hand-mixed paints and shellacs, as well as naturally-based wax and oil finishes, are truly organic; and Darragh often astounds his clients with a dramatic demonstration, drinking the substance as proof of its purity. (As Alicia has commented, it might not be terribly tasty, but it is definitely safe and healthy.) Their non-toxic products, such as milk paint and ochre paint, are perfectly safe in a kitchen, and their green processes also keep their staff healthy.



Ecological sensitivity informs the legacy that Darragh and Alicia want to leave for the next generation. Their personal devotion to a healthy lifestyle and practices of sustainability is a guarantee that Thomas James Cabinetry constructs only durable, lasting products that do not take a toll on our environment.