About Us

 Authentic. Creative. Durable. Organic.

These are the trademarks of the cabinetry and furniture crafted by Darragh and Alicia Hughes of Thomas James Cabinetry Inc. Sturdy native woods and naturally-based finishes, coupled with fine artisanship and creative design, produce superb pieces that combine vintage styling with contemporary functionality.


Darragh is a fourth-generation joiner, with a profound innate respect for tradition and quality. As a youth in Ireland, he spent many hours in his grandfather’s workshop and developed a deep appreciation for the rewards and the challenges of working with wood. When he began his apprenticeship in carpentry, Darragh travelled throughout the country, restoring old manors, churches, and pubs; and he learned how to replicate the original joinery to stay true to the style of the era.


Alicia holds a degree in Art History from Queen’s University and a diploma in Interior Design from Sheridan College. A talented designer with strong aesthetic instincts for colour and contours, Alicia pools her expertise with Darragh’s artistry to create stunning cabinets and furniture. With a broad architectural appreciation, Darragh and Alicia consider each piece within the context of its setting. Whether it is a full kitchen installation or a single cabinet piece or table, they recommend designs and colours that work with the space, perhaps picking up the echo of an existing pattern in the home or cottage. Darragh and Alicia work very closely with every client to ensure that the end product realizes their vision.

Thomas James lead designer Alicia Hughes

Each handmade piece is fully customized, from selecting the hues to choosing the materials, right down to small details such as hinges and knobs, and determining the precise measurements for a perfect fit. The heritage aesthetic of Thomas James projects is enhanced with modern, industry-leading hardware for ultimate functionality. This dynamic aspect ensures quiet and efficient movement throughout every door hinge and drawer slider. Colours are custom-blended to create an individual selection for each and every client. Darragh and Alicia also work with creative professionals, such as glass artists and blacksmiths, to integrate stylistic accessories into the cabinetry.

Careful attention to the use of healthy and natural materials is particularly vital in kitchens because of food preparation, and Darragh and Alicia are fully committed to ‘green’ building practices. The techniques, materials, and finishes that Thomas James Cabinetry uses in fabricating their cabinets and furniture are traditional, pure, and time-honoured. These beautifully crafted creations claim their rightful pride of place, cherished by their present owners and destined to become heirloom pieces for the generations that follow.